Trader Joe's Maple Oat Beverage Review

Maple Oat Beverage: 8.5/10

Oat milk is my non dairy beverage of choice and this 🍁NEW🍁 maple oat beverage came out just in time for fall lattes! It froths up verrry well and has a great amount of maple flavor. I didn’t find it to be too overpowering or too subtle. I would’ve liked it to be even creamier (oatly is my fav oat milk for creaminess), but it was still amazing! I have found that TJ’s oat milks, while delicious, can taste a little watery. This maple oat beverage is great for baking bread puddings or using for French toast batter. Each quart is $2.99.

Have you tried this yet? What did you think?

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