Trader Joe's Berry Flavored Soft Licorice Twists Review

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Berry Flavored Soft Licorice Twists: 8.5/10

Honestly, I’m not a big licorice fan. I never liked Twizzlers growing up, but I LOVED these #traderjoes Berry Licorice Twists! They are short, thick pieces of#licoricewith a delicious berry flavor that I thought tasted a lot like sweet-tarts! They are definitely thicker and tougher than a traditional red vine or twizzler. I don’t know why it says “soft” on the bag because they definitely aren’t haha, but I liked the texture and how chewy they were. I would love to see more even more flavors in the future like cherry and orange! Each bag was $2.49.

Have you tried them yet? What do you think?

Trader Joe's Berry Soft Licorice Twists

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