How to use Trader Joe's Italian Bomba Hot Pepper Sauce

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Trader Joe's Bomba Sauce is an item I walked past far too many times without adding it to my cart. Now that I am aware of how ridiculously delicious it is, I always have 2-3 jars on hand in case I run out. Bomba sauce is on the spicier side and is made out of fermented Calabrian chili peppers, salt, basil, and olive oil/sunflower oil.

One of my most asked questions is "What do you use the hot Bomba sauce with?" Keep reading to find out the best combinations.

1. Mac and Cheese

My favorite way to use Bomba is in mac and cheese. It sounds very simple, but adding just a spoonful to any type of mac and cheese upgrades your meal and gives it a spicy, peppery kick. Here is a video from my TikTok showing just how yummy this combination is.

2. Sandwiches

My next favorite way to eat Bomba is as a sandwich spread. Start with toasted sourdough bread, spread a good layer of Bomba on one side and mashed avocados on the other. Add in your meats, cheeses, salt and pepper, and there you have it. A sandwich to die for made better by Italian Bomba! Bonus points: add in Elote Corn Dippers for a little crunch. Here's a delicious sandwich recipe I made using the Bomba.

3. Pizza

Bomba's main ingredient is spicy chili peppers which add a nice kick when I want my pizzas a little hotter. Generally, this sauce pairs very well with Italian flavors and goes nicely with mozzarella, basil, and other red sauces. Here's a video showing how I use it on my pizzas.

Italian Hot Bomba Sauce is an amazing sauce to add into any dish that you want an extra kick of spice or chili pepper flavor. I hope this helps you all out next time you're in the kitchen cooking up something yummy! Give Bomba a try and let me know what you think.

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