How to Use Trader Joe's Coconut Cream

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

I use Trader Joe's coconut cream in a lot of my recipes like all my smoothies, coconut cream chicken masala recipes, and whenever a recipe calls for regular cream. Whenever I post these recipes, I get a lot of questions of how to use the coconut cream. This seems to be a difficult product for a lot of people, so I wanted to share in more detail how I use it. You can also read my full IG review here. Continue reading below for lots of great ways to use Trader Joe's Coconut Cream!

A helpful piece of advice, the thicker cream of the product separates in the can - the top inch of the can is the coconut cream, and the rest of the can is more similar to coconut milk. I usually stir up the whole can so that the top, creamy part can combine with the rest of the liquid. This is a very important part of the process that I cannot stress enough you have to do to get the creamy-ness you want in whatever recipe you're trying to make.

1. Smoothies

My favorite way to use the Trader Joe's coconut cream is to freeze about a quarter cup and use it in a smoothie. This has absolutely leveled up my smoothie game and I will rarely make a smoothie without adding a frozen coconut cream cube or two. It makes the smoothie deliciously creamy and thick! I have many smoothie recipes where I do this and you can find them here, here, and here.

2. Coconut Chicken Masala

I use Trader Joe's Coconut Cream in my chicken masala recipe as well and it is absolutely delicious! I put chicken thighs, lentils, masala simmer sauce, and coconut cream in the crockpot and let it cook all day. By dinnertime I have a warm and tasty meal of coconut chicken masala which I serve over buttered naan.

3. Coconut Rice

This Coconut Cream is perfect in coconut rice as well! Instead of cooking your rice with water, substitute the coconut cream instead. I'll eat this coconut rice with sweet potatoes and chicken or slice up some ripe mango to go on top of mango coconut sticky rice. To die for! Here is a video of the recipe!

4. Dairy Free Substitute

Finally, you can use Coconut Cream in any recipe that calls for regular cream. This is a great substitue if you are dairy free or if you are looking to add a little coconut taste to your meal you are making. This is a great substitute in both sweet and savory dishes!

How to use Trader Joe's Coconut Cream is one of my most asked questions, so I hope this helped. Let me know how you love to use Coconut Cream!

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