2 Trader Joe’s Holiday Items that Missed the Mark

Amidst a flurry of wonderful Holiday treats lining Trader Joe’s aisles this season, there were two items that missed the mark completely for me. If you are in Trader Joe’s I would suggest skipping these products and filling your cart with other goodies. Here are the two items that missed the mark for me this holiday season.

  1. Champagne Gummy Candies

These little candies were shockingly bad. As a lover of gummies, and other brand’s Champagne gummies, I was very disappointed by these and actually ended up throwing away the whole bag after trying one bite. This is the only product from Trader Joe’s that I have given a 1/10 so far.

2. Jingle Jangle Ice Cream

I had such high hopes for the Jingle Jangle ice cream because of all the talk around the Jingle Jangle candy mixture, but this product was another miss for me. As I mentioned in the instagram post, the actual ice cream was pretty flavorless and the mixtures ended up being super mushy. Ended up not even finishing the pint – which is a rare thing for me! It tasted like what disappointment would taste like.

I think it’s important to provide honest feedback on these products to help Trader Joe’s customize their aisles to reflect what customers LOVE year after year.

Were there any other products that you thought missed the mark?

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