Cheesecake Kringle Review

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Cheesecake Kringle: 9.5/10

Trader Joe’s summer Kringle flavor is Cheesecake! Kringles are flaky, buttery pastries filled with ooey gooey filling of different flavors. The cheese cake filling in this kringle is not super sweet at all. It tastes more like a cheese danish than cheesecake. I love it though! The sweet icing on top is a nice contrast to the more savory filling. I lot of you have asked what Kringle I would recommend if you don’t like overly sweet, and the cheesecake Kringle is it! Each Kringle is $7.99, and I always stick mine in the fridge when I get home and cut off little pieces when I’m in need of a sweet treat.

O&H Cheesecake Danish Kringle

Have you tried this flavor yet? What’s your favorite Kringle??

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