9 Discontinued Trader Joe's Items

With so many new items coming to stores during the spring and summer, that means that Trader Joe's needed to free up some space. Here's a list of 9 of the most recent discontinued items. Is your favorite on the list?

1. Labneh

2. Organic Spicy Hummus

3. Coconut Water w/ Aloe Vera Juice

4. Crispy Banana Ribbons

5. Chocolate Chips Sandwich Cookies

I was so sad to see these cookies go - I really liked them when I tried them out and I know a lot of people enjoyed them!

6. Black Bean Dip

7. Broccoli & Kale Pizza Crust

I never got the chance to try this pizza crust but it was on my list! I'm not too sad to see this one go since I really like their premade doughs and they just came out with the new Cauliflower Pizza Crusts.

8. Organic Fruit Flavored Snacks

With all the new fruity, chewy candy coming to shelves this product being discontinued definitely makes sense. It looks a little bit outdated at this point.

9. Vegan Ranch Dip

This was one of my least favorite products ever - so I'm happy to see this one go. I've heard rumors that they may be bringing an updated version back so keep your eyes open for that!

Which product are you most sad to see go?

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